The Shepherd Welcomes New Radio Host Eric Floyd

Plus new episodes of Afternoons with Mike

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  • The Shepherd Welcomes New Host, Eric Floyd

  • “The Chosen” actress Catherine Lidstone shares testimony

  • Pastor Andy Searles gives advice

  • Former Maverick City worship leader Maryanne J. George shares

“The Shepherd” Welcomes New Host, Eric Floyd

Eric Floyd is a professional entertainer at Universal Studios Orlando, and is the podcast host for “Where Grace Abounds”. He is a program director for the US Christian Chamber, and an ambassador for The Shepherd At Work sponsor, the Central Florida Christian Chamber. He has a great love for horses.

Eric sat down with Mike Gilland to share more on his background and hopes for the future of The Shepherd. Give it a listen!

Eric welcomes Krystal Parker and Joy Dawson of the US Christian Chamber

Eric welcomes Krystal Parker, president of the US Christian Chamber. Also included is Joy Dawson, Event Designer for the US Christian Chamber. Krystal shares her testimony and vision for Kingdom commerce.

Carolina Marrelli, holistic health coach, teaches others how to care for their bodies

A certified holistic health coach, plant-based medicine instructor and corporate wellness expert, Carolina Marrelli oversees Equibalance Health. Carolina helps leaders manage stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It’s been an eventful month for “Afternoons with Mike”, with dozens of new episodes, special guests, and interviews. Catch up wherever you listen to podcasts, and check out some of these highlights!

"Voices of the Martyrs" radio host Todd Nettleton shares ministry mission

Each and every week, Todd Nettleton talks with missionaries from all over the world on "Voices of the Martyrs," heard weekly on the Shepherd. He hears the stories from people who risk their very lives for the sake of the Gospel, who fearlessly live in cultures and nations, all for the glory of God. He shares several amazing stories from his interviews, and discusses the mission areas that are in the very midst of revival.

Culture expert Alex McFarland shares on recent events in the country and talks guitar

Alex McFarland is one of our country's most active and respected apologists, having preached in over 2000 churches, and on over 200 universities and colleges. His effectiveness is apparent, responding to questions by students with answers that are both biblically and morally correct. Today, he and Mike chat about our country in light of the recent bombshell verdict in New York.

Dr. Currie Myers is a retired sheriff and current college professor of criminology, plus a talk with author Jon Hauser

For years, Currie Myers was a noted sheriff in Kansas City, Kansas, and was much respected for his tough stance on law and order. Today, he teaches criminology at Benedictine College. Dr. Myers gives us some truly informed perspectives on where we are in America today with regards to the law. Plus, a visit with author Jon Hauser, whose book "The Destruction of Liberty" is making quite a splash.

Political commentator Craig Huey analyzes the campus unrest on our college campuses, and Michelle Shelfer

We can't seem to get past the upsetting unrest and Anti-Semitism happening on our college campuses. Culture expert and political commentator Craig Huey weighs in on these happenings. Plus, and interview with Michelle Shelfer, author of "The Victorious Warrior," and pro-life advocate..

Orlando church leader Dr. George Cope has a heart for Central Florida, and a new title as well

Most church leaders would not only love and support Dr. George Cope, but they would also point to him as a key leader in Central Florida. So did Bishop Alan Wiggins, and he and others from their movement have honored Dr. Cope with the title of Bishop. George shares the story, and brings us up to date with where he sees our local area and beyond.

Pastor Andy Searles from Casselberry's Church Together returns with great advice for us all

He always offers up some good ol' down home common sense...along with some great pastoral advice. In a day when there is such division, Andy Searles is a uniter, a pastor with a big heart for his community. A frequent guest, Andy is featured in this podcast.

Greg Snyder from SAFE, a non-profit that helps Human Trafficking victims, shares about an upcoming summit

Greg Snyder returns to Mike's show to talk about SAFE's involvement in a student summit to be held this fall at First Baptist in Orlando. It is being called "We Are S.A.M.", an acronym for Student Abolitionist Movement. SAFE has partnered with the SAFEHOUSE Survivor Network in presenting this summit that aims to draw 700 students to the cause of learning how to help and prevent trafficking.

THE CHOSEN actress Catherine Lidstone shares her testimony

Catherine Lidstone plays the role of Mary, sister of Martha, in the highly acclaimed video series "THE CHOSEN." Catherine shares about her journey to Hollywood, and how that her relationship with the Lord was cemented after her move. She also shares about the soon-to-be released DVD project that was in theaters over Easter, called "Forty Seven Days With Jesus."

Former Maverick City worship leader Maryanne J. George shares on her new single, plus actor Cameron Arnett

Mike welcomes the very popular worship leader and songwriter Maryanne J. George, formerly of Maverick City, a well-known collective of artists and worship leaders. Maryanne shares about her new single that drops on Friday, May 10th. Also on this podcast - former Hollywood actor Cameron Arnett has an acting career for the second time, this time focusing on faith-based movies.