Authors Kim and Ron Clark chat about their new book on AI

Interviews with Tamra Andress, State Chairman Mark, Krystal Parker

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  • Authors Kim and Ron Clark

  • Tamra Andress

  • State Chairman Mark Minck

  • Krystal Parker on The Shepherd at Work

Afternoons with Mikee

Authors Kim and Ron Clark

Ron Clark was fascinated by the potential that AI (Artificial Intelligence) could bring to businesses. So, he enrolled in two college courses at top universities to gain the needed knowledge. Now, he and his wife Kim M. Clark (also a best-selling author) have co-written a book to help businesses both understand and use ChatGPT. The book title is "Dynamic ChatGPT" - "AI Strategies for Small Business." This is a helpful, must-listen episode.

Kim and Ron Clark

Speaker and author Tamra Andress

Tamra Andress would never have imagined that her greatest weaknesses could become her greatest opportunities, but that is what has happened. She helps both individuals and businesses find life and fulfillment, both in their work and in their faith. A best selling author and top-rated podcaster, she shares with great enthusiasm all over the country. She will be a keynote speaker at this year's U.S. Christian Chamber Expo in April.

Tamra Andress

State Chairman Mark Minck

Mark Minck was radically impacted about 6 years ago, at a breakfast sponsored by SIRA, a crisis pregnancy center in Alachua County. His career was put on hold, as Mark guided the efforts to put a proposed amendment to the Florida Constitution as a citizen's initiative. After two election cycles, and a looming deadline, the Human Life Amendment campaign failed to hit its required signature goal. But the issues of concern remain, and in 2024, loom larger than ever before.

Mark Minck

The Shepherd At Work

Krystal Parker, the President of the U.S. Christian Chamber

Mike and Krystal talk about living out the faith walk in our places of work and why we must represent the Lord everywhere. Krystal also gives a preview of the upcoming Business Expo sponsored by the U.S. Christian Chamber.

Krystal Parker and Mike Gilland