Dave Zanotti Joins Mike to Discuss Pro-Abortion Amendment on Florida Ballot

Plus a look at Good Friday, and chat with Asbury Professor on Revival

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  • Dave Zanotti Discusses Florida Supreme Court Approval of a Pro-Abortion Amendment Heading to Ballot

  • Pastors Andy Searles and Chris Jessee Discuss Good Friday

  • West Virginia Attorney General Shares Story

  • Asbury Professor Brad Johnson Tells of Revival

Afternoons with Mikee

Rob Maaddi looks back on NFL Season, Ryan Bomberger shares pro-life expertise

Rob Maaddi - acclaimed writer for the Associated Press, and host of “Faith On The Field” heard on the Shepherd- joins Mike to look back on this past NFL season.

Also - from the Radiance Foundation, pro-life expert Ryan Bomberger shares on the recent approval given the pro-abortion groups attempt to put abortion on the ballot in November.

Dave Zanotti discusses Florida Supreme Court approval of a pro-abortion amendment headed to the ballot.

The Florida Supreme Court ruled on April 1 that a pro-abortion ballot initiative was approved, opening this effort to culminate with its placement on the November 5th ballot. Should this pass, all limitations on the abortion industry would be over, and abortion would be “protected” by the Florida constitution. Public policy expert Dave Zanotti breaks down and explains this ruling.

Walkiria Cash shares her amazing story of God’s grace in her move from Nicaragua to the U.S.

She moved to the US at age 15 with her mother, leaving behind beloved relatives, friends, and her high school. Walkiria Cash overcame the trauma of such a move, plus a language barrier (she knew no English at the time). But one of her teachers turned out to be an amazing mentor, and she began to thrive. Now, she is the headmaster at Calvary Orlando Christian Academy.

Pastors Andy Searles and Chris Jessee give an in-depth look into the wonders of Good Friday

Holy week culminates with the two events considered to be the most important to all believers around the globe. Good Friday is the annual observance of what theologians consider the single most important act in all of history, when the Son of God, Jesus, gave His life willingly on the cruel cross of Calvary. Central Florida pastors Andy Searles and Chris Jessee join Mike for a roundtable discussion on the implications of this most sacred event.

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey shares from his heart, plus visits with Andre Klass and Paul Kamenar

Patrick Morrisey is a straight shooter kind of guy, sharing from his heart, and he is working hard at both his current role of Attorney General in West Virginia...but he is also a candidate for Governor. Andre Klass is founder of Christian Tech Center Ministries, and finally a visit with Paul Kamenar who discusses the current trials and indictments of Former President Donald Trump.

Asbury professor Brad Johnson talks about revival, and shares a radical encounter with Scripture.

We all heard about the amazing breakout meetings that happened at Asbury Theological Seminary, but it impacted more than just students...faculty members like Professor Brad Johnson could attest to the genuine move of God that happened there. He shares about that, and his own life story in this episode.

The Shepherd At Work

Joy Dawson shares about April’s Christian Business Expo

Joy Dawson, the Event Development Director for the U.S. Christian Chamber joins Mike on the show to discuss integrating faith into business and community engagement. Dawson discusses the upcoming Expo organized by the Chamber which features keynote speakers, sessions and musical performances.

Author Ford Taylor discusses transformational leadership and how it affects communities

Mike Gilland sits down with Ford Taylor, a leading speaker and author in city-reaching leadership. Ford shares his personal journey of redemption and how it led him to become a catalyst for positive change in communities worldwide. Through candid reflections, Ford emphasizes the importance of humility, faith, and collaboration in spreading the gospel and fostering flourishing societies.