David Closson, Director of the Center of Biblical Worldview

Also, interviews with Jim Subers, Robbie Harper, & Michelle Ogden

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  • David Closson Director of the Center of Biblical Worldview

  • Jim Subers of Vision Orlando

  • PR professional Robbie Harper

  • Michelle Ogden, the CEO of Ogden Wealth Management on “The Shepherd at Work”

  • Shepherd Profile: “Exploring The Word”

Afternoons with Mikee

David Closson Director of the Center of Biblical Worldview

David Closson is no stranger to Central Florida - he grew up here, and went on to get his undergrad degree at UCF. He is now studying for his PhD, and leads the Biblical Worldview efforts at the Family Research Council. He works closely with Tony Perkins and the other leaders at FRC, and recently co-authored a book that helps us understand the truth about gender.

David Closson

Jim Subers of Vision Orlando

Will the church stand up and accept its role in our culture? That is needed component in today's culture, and Jim Subers is dedicating his life to help believers fulfill their God-given roles to this end. Jim is a man with a big heart for Jesus, and he lives to see the people of God begin to recognize who they are in the big picture. He leads a leadership initiative to this end - it is called "4 Central Florida."

Mike Gilland and Jim Subers

PR professional Robbie Harper

Sometimes, it is adversity and deep change that opens doors not seen before. That is the story of Robbie Harper. For years, he worked in his family's business, but his Dad's passing made him realize that continuing in that path was not God's will for him. He entered the world of public relations, and found his calling and passion. Robbie is a board member for the Central Florida Chamber of Commerce.

Mike Gilland and Robbie Harper

The Shepherd At Work

Michelle Ogden, the CEO of Ogden Wealth Management

Michelle Ogden joins Mark Goldstein on the show. Ogden is the CEO of Ogden Wealth Management which was started in 2018. She and Mark discuss finances from a Christian perspective. She shares about the process of building wealth, delayed gratification and how important it is for believers to be good stewards of their wealth.

Mark Goldstein and Michelle Ogden

Exploring The Word

Exploring the Word is the daily radio ministry of Paul Blair, the Senior Pastor of Liberty Church Edmond since 2001. Born and raised in Edmond, Pastor Blair’s passion is winning souls for Jesus Christ and teaching people about the importance of America’s Christian heritage. Liberty Church in Orlando is located in Maitland, FL. Listen to the show on The Shepherd Orlando, 1270 AM, Monday through Friday at 7:30 a.m.