John Crossman shares on hope and having faith for young people

Interviews with Judd Saul, Robert Borelli, Pastor Andy Searles, and Kevin Ulgenalp

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  • Central Florida business leader John Crossman

  • Judd Saul and Robert Borelli

  • Pastor Andy Searles

  • Mike Gilland fills in for Mark Goldstein on The Shepherd at Work and talks to Kevin Ulgenalp

  • Shepherd Profile: First Baptist Church of Oxford

Afternoons with Mikee

Central Florida business leader John Crossman shares on hope and having faith for young people

Longtime business leader and CEO John Crossman is a respected voice throughout Florida and beyond. He is a person of great faith in Christ, with great conviction about being a connector in our communities. John is an author and podcaster, hosting two weekly shows called "The Crossman Conversation," and "The Crossman Conversation: CEO Edition." John and Mike talk about the role that we have in giving hope to those around us, and how to push through a culture that is progressively going a different direction.

Mike Gilland and John Crossman

Judd Saul and former mobster Robert Borelli.

Judd Saul never dreamed he would be a leader of a ministry, and certainly not one that gives aid to those in persecution in Nigeria. He studied filmmaking at Full Sail in Orlando, but God's call on Judd's life was to become involved in helping those under Muslim persecution in Nigeria. Also, a return visit with Robert Borelli, author of "THE WITNESS", and the subject of a new documentary.

Judd Saw

Pastor Andy Searles returns to AWM

One of Mike's friends and frequent guests returns today, sharing an amazing yet obscure passage from the book of Joel. Andy Searles leads Casselberry's "Church Together," and he has not only a pastor's heart for his congregation, but also for his community. His involvement is deep, and includes the role of chaplain for the professional soccer club in Orlando.

Mike Gilland and Pastor Andy Searles

The Shepherd At Work

Kevin Ulgenalp, volunteer leader for CBMC in Central Florida

Mike Gilland sits in for Mark Goldstein, as guest Kevin Ulgenalp talks about CBMC, the Christian Business Men's Connection in Central Florida. Kevin was greatly impacted in his own life through this organization, as he came to Christ at the age of 39. Now, Kevin helps men connect not only to God, but to other believers in the marketplace.

Mike Gilland and Kevin Ulgenalp

First Baptist of Oxford

First Baptist Church of Oxford is on The Shepherd every Sunday at 10 a.m. in Gainesville and Ocala. Located in Oxford, FL near Ocala, FBCO believes in not just hearing the Bible but applying it to our lives. The show features the most recent messages from the Sunday worship service. Pastor Andrew Krop has been the Senior Pastor of FBCO for over five years.