Music legend Thurlow Spurr discusses the musical, "Christmas Is."

Interviews with Raymond and Leslie Funk, Dr. Alex McFarland, and Kevin McCarthy

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  • Music legend Thurlow Spurr

  • Founders of "Three Cord Marriage," Raymond and Leslie Funk

  • Dr. Alex McFarland

  • Mark Goldstein talks to Kevin McCarthy on The Shepherd at Work

  • Shepherd Profile: Point Ministries

Afternoons with Mikee

Music legend Thurlow Spurr

Thurlow Spurr is a truly legendary musician, credited as a pioneer in Contemporary Christian Music. On Dec. 2, "Christmas Is", a musical spectacular event returns for the third year in a row to Calvary Orlando. Produced by Thurlow and his wife Kathey, this event boasts a cast of over 200, with pre-concert events for kids, special music in the lobby, and a night to remember.

Mike Gilland and Thurlow Spurr

Founders of "Three Cord Marriage," Raymond and Leslie Funk

Raymond's life seemed trapped in a cycle of broken vows, infidelity and pain. And, this trend almost destroyed his third marriage, but by God's grace, the Holy Spirit intervened. They share the story of healing and restoration, and how that they now help encourage other couples who are struggling in similar ways. They founded "Three Cord Marriage," and they share the saga in this episode.

Mike Gilland with Raymond and Leslie Funk

Dr. Alex McFarland

These are troubled times, no doubt. Dr. Alex McFarland sees this first-hand in his many travels on college campuses where he speaks to and debates with today's young people. But he is also seeing the power of God at work, and he is devoted to keeping the message of the Gospel before his audiences while helping equip today's parents and churches. He is a frequent guest on Afternoons With Mike.

Mike Gilland and Dr. Alex McFarland

The Shepherd At Work

Kevin McCarthy returns to discuss mitigating times of struggles and difficulty

Mark interviews Kevin McCarthy a speaker, author and business coach on Kevin's teaching model called "Tough Shift." This title is fitting for describing the times in our lives when we are in difficult situations and how these tests are often the most productive and life-changing experiences in our lives. Kevin shares on allowing God to work in your life through the good and bad times and understand He is in control.

Mark Goldstein

Point Ministries

Pro-football player turned pastor, Dr. Daryl Jones, started his church The Rock Fellowship Church in Miami, FL after serving with Tony Evans as the youth pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church. Point Ministries offers sermons, books, prayers, Bible studies and other teachings to help aid in spiritual growth. Dr. Jones’ radio show airs 10:04 a.m. Monday through Friday and at 12:32 p.m. Saturday through Sunday on all of The Shepherd’s stations.

Dr. Daryl Jones