Musical missionary Wilson Gonzalez shares his story

Also, interview with leaders at Liberty Counsel and Kevin McCarthy

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  • Musical missionary Wilson Gonzalez

  • Michelle Archival and Holly Meade of Liberty Counsel

  • Business coach and author Kevin McCarthy

  • Mark Goldstein talks to Don Kirkendall on The Shepherd at Work

Afternoons with Mikee

Musical missionary Wilson Gonzalez

Retired engineer, Wilson Gonzalez, used to live in Orlando working for Lockheed Martin. While here, he enjoyed being a weekend warrior musician, traveling all around with a cover band. His nickname, was "Firefingers," because he played with speed and precision. Wilson grew up the son of a pastor and has a heart for church and serving as a musical missionary.

Mike Gilland and Wilson Gonzalez

Michelle Archival and Holly Meade of Liberty Counsel

Today's guests are both part of the The Liberty Counsel, working with Matt Staver. Michelle Archival is the Director of Admissions for Liberty Counsel's new school project called "Covenant Journey Academy." Holly Meade is the VP of Media for The Liberty Counsel. Mike talks to the the ladies about the school and the work of Liberty Counsel.

Mike Gilland, Michelle Archival, and Holly Meade

Business coach and author Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy (no, not the former speaker of the house) is well known for his sage advice to businesses and individuals, helping them find their "two-word purpose." His books are popular, and his viewpoints are not only spot on, they are downright entertaining as well. In this episode, Kevin discusses what he calls "Living Water Conversations."

Mike Gilland and Kevin McCarthy

The Shepherd At Work

Don Kirkendall from Affordable One Insurance

Longtime friend of Mark Goldstein and owner of "Affordable One Insurance" in Winter Park, Don Kirkendall drops by The Shepherd at Work to answer some of Mark's questions on the process of obtaining Medicare, additional and helpful coverage beyond Parts A and B, and the process for applying. We are nearing the 2023 window for making any changes to our healthcare, so this information is timely.

Mark Goldstein and Don Kirkendall