Rob Maaddi talks faith and sports on Afternoons with Mike

Also interviews with David Outing, Eric Floyd, and Dr. Ben Rall

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  • Mike Gilland interviews Rob Maaddi, David Outing, and Eric Floyd on Afternoons with Mike

  • Mark Goldstein talks to Dr. Ben Rall on The Shepherd at Work

  • Shepherd Profile: “Faith on the Field”

Afternoons with Mikee

Rob Maaddi, head NFL writer for The Associated Press

Rob Maaddi has been writing sports coverage for over 20 years at The Associated Press. In 2020, he was promoted to the head NFL writer. Now, Rob gets to have faith-filled conversations with professional athletes all throughout the U.S. Mike and Rob discuss his role at The Associated Press and his podcast, "Faith on the Field." His podcast invites athletes into faith-based conversations and airs on The Shepherd on WIWA Saturdays at 7:30 and 10:30 AM, Sundays at 6:30 AM, and on WRZN/WTMN Saturdays at 9:30 AM and 6 PM.

Rob Maaddi

David Outing, the Chief Encouragement Officer for Corporate Care Partners

David Outing has been serving the community and felt called to ministry since he was a youth. Now, he leads as the Chief Encouragement Officer at Corporate Care Partners, a chaplain service for corporate workplaces. David works with businesses and restaurants in Central FL to provide chaplain services to their employees. David shares his testimony with Mike and how his ministry has changed lives.

David Outing

Eric Floyd, and more interviews from the FCA Kickoff Classic

Eric Floyd joins Mike Gilland as they discuss balancing the secular workforce and faith in Christ, and the joy and personal benefit of living our lives with total trust in the Lord. Eric talks about his background in athletics, which also has given him an interesting perspective on faith and life. Mike also interviews Oak Hall head football coach, RJ Fuhr and Pastor Phil Courson from Abundant Grace Community Church. Both of these interviews were taken from the FCA Kickoff Classic event on August 3rd in Gainesville, FL.

Eric Floyd

The Shepherd At Work

Dr. Ben Rall, the host of "Designed To Heal"

Dr. Ben Rall, is a highly renowned chiropractor. His clinic, Achieve Wellness, offers holistic care in Central Florida. Dr. Rall joins Mark Goldstein to discuss his practice and how it differs from a standard doctor's office. He also speaks on how Achieve Wellness intertwines the Christian faith and medicine. Dr. Rall also discusses the body's ability to heal.

Dr. Ben Rall

Faith on the Field”

“Faith on the Field,” hosted by Rob and Remy Maaddi, is a Christian sports talk show. Famous athletes from across the United States have been on the show to discuss important topics in today’s world from a Christian perspective.

“Faith on the Field” airs on The Shepherd on WIWA Saturdays at 7:30 and 10:30 AM, Sundays at 6:30 AM, and on WRZN/WTMN Saturdays at 9:30 AM and 6 PM.